Transformers G1 toys that was released in Norway.

Here is the list of G1 Transformers toys I know for sure was released in Norway.
If you mean that some of the toys I marked as "No" was released in Norway please send me an e-mail Thanks!

Name Released in Norway Version Notes
1984 Figures
Optimus Prime Yes Ceji 2nd version with blue feet
Megatron No -  
Soundwave & Buzzsaw No -  
Brawn Yes    
Bumblebee Red No    
Bumblebee Yellow Yes    
Bumper/Bumblejumper No -  
Cliffjumper Red Yes    
Cliffjumper Yellow No    
Gears Yes    
Huffer Yes    
Windcharger Yes    
Frenzy & Laserbeak No -  
Ravage & Rumble No -  
Bluestreak Yes    
Hound Yes    
Ironhide Yes    
Jazz Yes    
Mirage Yes    
Prowl Yes    
Ratchet Yes    
Sideswipe Yes    
Sunstreaker Yes    
Trailbreaker Yes    
Wheeljack Yes    
Skywarp Yes UK version  
Starscream Yes UK version  
Thundercracker Yes UK version  
1985 Figures
Blaster No -  
Jetfire Yes European  
Omega Supreme No -  
Perceptor No -  
Shockwave No -  
Beachcomber Yes    
Cosmos Yes UK version  
Powerglide Yes    
Seaspray Yes    
Warpath Yes UK version  
4WD/Jeep No -  
Buggy No -  
FX-1 No -  
Porsche  No -  
Camshaft (robot point -mail order) No    
Downshift (robot point -mail order) No    
Overdrive (robot point -mail order) No    
Devastator (Giftset) No    
Bonecrusher Yes Ceji 1986 yellow version only
Hook Yes Ceji 1986 yellow version only
Long Haul Yes Ceji 1986 yellow version only
Mixmaster Yes Ceji 1986 yellow version only
Scavenger Yes Ceji 1986 yellow version only
Scrapper Yes Ceji 1986 yellow version only
Bombshell Yes Ceji with amber cockpit
Kickback Yes Ceji with amber cockpit
Shrapnel Yes Ceji with amber cockpit
Grapple Yes    
Hoist Yes    
Red Alert Yes USA version  
Skids Yes USA version  
Inferno Yes    
Smokescreen Yes    
Tracks Yes    
Topspin Yes    
Twintwist Yes    
Triple Changers
Astrotrain Yes    
Blitzwing Yes Ceji Amber color on head
Deluxe Insecticons
Barrage Yes    
Chopshop Yes    
Ransack Yes    
Venom Yes    
Dirge Yes UK version  
Ramjet Yes UK version  
Thrust Yes UK version  
Deluxe Vehicles
Roadbuster Yes    
Whirl Yes    
Grimlock Yes    
Slag Yes    
Sludge Yes    
Snarl Yes    
Swoop Yes    
1986 Figures
Galvatron Yes    
Metroplex w/ Scamper & Six-Gun Yes    
Reflector (robot point -mail order) No    
Sky Lynx No    
Trypticon w/ Full-Tilt No    
Ultra Magnus Yes   Only the plastic wheels version
Hubcap Yes European version  
Outback Yes    
Pipes Yes    
Swerve Yes    
Tailgate Yes    
Wheelie Yes European version  
Air Raid Yes    
Fireflight Yes    
Silverbolt Yes    
Skydive Yes    
Slingshot Yes    
Blast Off Yes    
Brawl Yes    
Onslaught Yes    
Swindle Yes    
Vortex Yes    
Blades Yes    
First Aid Yes    
Groove Yes    
Hot Spot Yes    
Streetwise Yes    
Breakdown Yes    
Dead End Yes    
Drag Strip Yes    
Motormaster Yes    
Wildrider Yes    
Ramhorn & Eject No    
Ratbat & Frenzy No    
Rewind & Steeljaw No    
Runabout Yes    
Runamuck Yes    
Blurr Yes    
Hot Rod Yes UK version Plastic version
Kup Yes    
Triple Changers
Broadside Yes    
Octane Yes    
Sandstorm Yes   Plastic version
Springer Yes   Plastic version
Divebomb No    
Headstrong No    
Rampage No    
Razorclaw No    
Tantrum No    
Gnaw No    
Rodimus Prime Yes   Both plastic an rubber wheels
Wreck-gar Yes    
Cyclonus Yes Canadian version Came with 1985 Canadian catalogs
Scourge Yes UK version  
1987 Figures
Fortress Maximus with Cerebros, Spike Witwicky, Gasket, Grommet, Cog Yes    
Scorponok with Lord Zarak Yes    
Sixshot No    
Chase Yes    
Freeway Yes    
Goldbug Yes    
Rollbar Yes    
Searchlight Yes    
Wideload Yes    
Slugfest & Overkill No    
Battletrap Yes    
Flywheels Yes    
Blurr with Haywire Yes    
Crosshairs with Pinpointer Yes    
Hot Rod with Firebolt Yes    
Kup with Recoil Yes    
Pointblank with Peacemaker Yes    
Sureshot with Spoilsport Yes    
Cyclonus with Nightstick Yes    
Misfire with Aimless Yes    
Scourge with Fracas Yes    
Slugslinger with Caliburst Yes    
Triggerhappy with Blowpipe Yes    
Computron Giftset No    
Afterburner Yes    
Lightspeed Yes    
Nosecone Yes    
Scattershot Yes    
Strafe Yes    
Abominus Giftset No    
Blot Yes UK version  
Cutthroat Yes UK version  
Hun-Gurrr Yes    
Rippersnapper Yes    
Sinnertwin Yes    
Fastlane & Cloudraker No    
Pounce & Wingspan No    
Punch-Counterpunch No    
Doublecross No    
Grotusque No    
Repugnus No    
Brainstorm with Arcana Yes    
Chromedome with Stylor Yes    
Hardhead with Duros Yes    
Highbrow with Gort Yes    
Mindwipe with Vorath Yes UK version  
Skullcruncher with Grax Yes    
Weirdwolf with Monzo Yes UK version  
Headmaster Horrorcon
Apeface with Spasma Yes UK version  
Snapdragon with Krunk Yes UK version  
1988 Figures
Quickswitch Yes    
Fizzle Yes    
Guzzle Yes    
Sizzle Yes    
Cindersaur Yes    
Flamefeather Yes    
Sparkstalker Yes    
Piranacon Giftset No    
Nautilator Yes    
Overbite Yes    
Seawing Yes    
Skalor Yes    
Snaptrap Yes    
Tentakil Yes    
Triggerbots & Triggercons
Backstreet Yes    
Crankcase Yes    
Dogfight Yes    
Override Yes    
Ruckus Yes    
Windsweeper Yes    
Slamdance (Grand Slam & Raindance) Yes    
Squawkbox (Squawktalk & Beastbox) Yes    
Small Targetmaster
Landfill with Silencer and Flintlock Yes    
Quickmix with Ricochet and Boomer Yes    
Scoop with Tracer and Holepunch Yes    
Needlenose with Zigzag and Sunbeam Yes    
Quake with Tiptop and Heater Yes    
Spinister with Singe and Hairsplitter Yes    
Headmaster Jr.
Hosehead with Lug Yes    
Nightbeat with Muzzle Yes    
Siren with Quig Yes    
Fangry with Brisko Yes    
Horri-bull with Kreb Yes    
Squeezeplay with Lokos Yes    
Doubledealer with Knok and Skar Yes    
Optimus Prime with HiQ Yes    
Getaway with Rev Yes    
Joyride with Hotwire Yes    
Slapdash with Lube Yes    
Darkwing with Throttle Yes    
Dreadwind with Hi-Test Yes    
Large Pretenders
Bomb-burst Yes    
Cloudburst Yes    
Landmine Yes    
Skullgrin Yes    
Submarauder Yes    
Waverider Yes    
Bugly No    
Finback No    
Groundbreaker No    
Iguanus No    
Sky High No    
Splashdown No    
Pretender Beasts
Carnivac Yes    
Catilla Yes    
Chainclaw Yes    
Snarler Yes    
Pretender Vehicles
Gunrunner Yes    
Roadgrabber Yes    
1989 Figures
Pretender Monsters
Birdbrain Yes    
Bristleback Yes    
Icepick Yes    
Scowl Yes    
Slog Yes    
Wildfly Yes    
Micromaster Base
Countdown Yes    
Skystalker Yes    
Groundshaker Yes    
Skyhopper Yes    
Micromaster Patrol
Air Strike Patrol (Nightflight, Storm Cloud, Tailwind, Whisper) Yes    
Off Road Patrol (Powertrain, Highjump, Mudslinger, Tote) Yes    
Race Car Patrol (Free Wheeler, Roadhammer, Swindler, Tailspin) Yes    
Battle Patrol (Big Shot, Flak, Sidetrack, Sunrunner) Yes    
Rescue Patrol (Fixit, Red Hot, Seawatch, Stakeout) Yes    
Sports Car Patrol (Blackjack, Detour, Hyperdrive, Road Hugger) Yes    
Micromaster Transports
Erector Yes    
Flattop Yes    
Overload Yes    
Roughstuff Yes    
Micromaster Battle Stations
Airwave Yes    
Greasepit Yes    
Hot House Yes    
Ironworks Yes    
Small Pretenders
Bludgeon Yes    
Doubleheader Yes    
Longtooth Yes    
Octopunch Yes    
Pincher Yes    
Stranglehold Yes    
Classic Pretender
Bumblebee Yes    
Grimlock Yes    
Jazz Yes    
Starscream Yes    
Mega Pretenders
Crossblades Yes    
Thunderwing Yes    
Vroom Yes    
Ultra Pretenders
Roadblock Yes    
Skyhammer Yes    
1990 Figures
Anti-Aircraft Base (Micromaster, with Spaceshot & Blackout) Yes    
Battlefield Headquarters (Micromaster, with Full-Barrel & Overflow) Yes    
Classic Heroes
Sunstreaker Yes    
Wheeljack Yes    
Ironhide Yes    
Inferno Yes    
Jazz Yes    
Prowl Yes    
Classic Aerialbots
Silverbolt Yes    
Skydive Yes    
Air Raid Yes    
Fireflight Yes    
Slingshot Yes    
Classic Stunticons
Motormaster Yes    
Drag Strip Yes    
Breakdown Yes    
Wild Rider Yes    
Dead End Yes    
Micromaster Patrols
Air Patrol (Blaze Master, Eagle Eye, Sky High, Tred Bolt) Yes    
Construction Patrol (Crumble, Groundpounder, Neutro, Takedown) Yes    
Race Track Patrol (Barricade, Ground Hog, Motorhead, Roller Force) Yes    
Hot Rod Patrol (Big Daddy, Greaser, Hubs, Trip-Up) Yes    
Military Patrol (Bombshock, Dropshot, Growl, Tracer) Yes    
Monster Trucks Patrol (Big Hauler, Heavy Tread, Hydraulic, Slow Poke) Yes    
Action Masters
Grimlock with Anti-Tank Cannon Yes    
Jazz with Turbo Board Yes    
Rad with Lionizer Yes    
Rollout with Glitch Yes    
Soundwave with Wingthing Yes    
Treadshot with Catgut Yes    
Blaster with Flight Pack Yes    
Bumblebee with Heli-Pack Yes    
Devastator with Scorpulator Yes    
Jackpot with Sights Yes    
Krok with Gatoraider Yes    
Mainframe with Push-Button Yes    
Banzai-Tron with Razor-Sharp Yes    
Inferno with Hydro-Pack Yes    
Kick-Off with Turbo-Pack Yes    
Shockwave with Fistfight Yes    
Skyfall with Top-Heavy Yes    
Snarl with Tyrannitron Yes    
Micromaster Combiner Squads
Astro Squad (Barrage & Heave, Phaser & Blast Master, Moonrock & Missile Master) Yes    
Battle Squad (Direct-Hit & Power Punch, Meltdown & Half-Track, Fireshot & Vanquish) Yes    
Constructor Squad (Stonecruncher & Excavator, Grit & Knockout, Sledge & Hammer) Yes    
Metro Squad (Power Run & Strikedown, Oiler & Slide, Roadburner & Wheel Blaze) Yes    
Micromaster Combiner Transports
Cannon Transport (combiner transport - Cement-Head & Terror-Tread) Yes    
Missile Launcher (combiner transport - Retro & Surge) Yes    
Tanker Truck (combiner transport - Pipeline & Gusher) Yes    
Action Master Blasters
Axer with Off-Road Cycle Yes    
Over-Run with Attack Copter Yes    
Prowl with Turbo Cycle Yes    
Starscream with Turbo Jet Yes    
Action Master Action Vehicles
Sprocket with Attack Cruiser Yes    
Wheeljack with Turbo Racer Yes    
Action Master Attack Vehicles
Gutcruncher with Stratotronic Jet Yes    
Megatron with Neutro-Fusion Tank Yes    
Optimus Prime with Armored Convoy Yes    
1991 Figures
Overlord Yes    
Flame Yes    
Gripper Yes    
Lightspeed Yes    
Classic Heroes
Optimus Prime Yes    
Sideswipe Yes    
Tracks Yes    
Classic Protectobots
Hot Spot Yes    
Streetwise Yes    
Groove Yes    
First Aid Yes    
Blades Yes    
Classic Dinobots
Grimlock Yes    
Sludge Yes    
Snarl Yes    
Classic Triple Changers
Astrotrain Yes    
Octane Yes    
Springer Yes    
Sandstorm Yes    
Classic Throttlebots
Goldbug Yes    
Rollbar Yes    
Wideload Yes    
Chase Yes    
Freeway Yes    
Searchlight Yes    
Classic Combaticons
Onslaught Yes    
Blast Off Yes    
Vortex Yes    
Brawl Yes    
Swindle Yes    
Action Master
Bombshell with Needler Yes    
Charger with Fire Beast Yes    
Powerflash with Road Rocket Yes    
Sideswipe with Vanguard Yes    
Take-Off with Screech Yes    
Tracks with Basher Yes    
Action Master Elite
Double Punch Yes    
Omega Spreem Yes    
Turbo Master Yes    
Windmill Yes    
Action Master Attack Vehicles
Circuit Yes    
Rumbler Yes    
Slicer Yes    
Thundercracker Yes    
1992 Figures
Rescue Force
Autobot Rescue Force 1 Yes   Repaint of Leozack with new weapons
Autobot Rescue Force 2 Yes   Repaint of Killbison with new weapons
Autobot Rescue Force 3 Yes   Repaint of Jallguar with new weapons
Autobot Rescue Force 4 Yes   Repaint of Drillhorn with new weapons
Boss Yes    
Flash Yes    
Hurricane Yes    
Scorch Yes    
Rotorstorm Yes    
Thunderclash Yes    
Falcon Yes    
Skydive Yes    
Snare Yes    
Talon Yes    
Stalker Yes    
Skyquake Yes    
Constructicon 1 (Bonecrucher) Yes   They had no names on the packages
Constructicon 2 (Hook) Yes   They had no names on the packages
Constructicon 3 (Scavenger) Yes   They had no names on the packages
Constructicon 4 (Long Haul) Yes   They had no names on the packages
Constructicon 5 (Mixmaster) Yes   They had no names on the packages
Constructicon 6 (Scrapper) Yes   They had no names on the packages